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Mrs. Paola Sessarego » Welcome to 8th Grade Homeroom

Welcome to 8th Grade Homeroom

I know this will be a great year for all of us. Make sure that you work really hard because this is a very important year for you. In order to succeed in 8th Grade ORGANIZATION is the key word!


Make sure you copy your homework down every day for each of your classes. Even though we write the homework on the board in our homeroom, it is your responsibility to have it all written down in your homework assignment book.


Keep your binder organized!  Make sure you have a section for each subject.  Place all your papers in your binder according to subjects.  I'll have a hole puncher in the classroom that you can always use. By keeping your binder organized you will always find your papers.  Trust me they don't fly away...


Before you leave for home check and make sure you have all the necessary books and papers to do your homework. Make sure your homework arrives with you in the morning!


By organizing yourself, you will take the first step to have a successful year and you will be ready for high school!!!


Let's make this a fun and prosperous year!


As Always Fight On,

Ms. Sessarego


     8th Grade Rocks!!!