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Grandparent Club


Our Corpus Christi Grandparent Club was established in 2014 for camaraderie, good times, and enhancement of the educational experience of our grandchildren at Corpus Christi School. All grandparents of CCS students are automatically members. Whether you live near or far away, we welcome you.

The Grandparent Club welcomes back the faculty and staff on the first day of school with a light breakfast spread. We appreciate all they do for our grandchildren.

On the first day of school, teachers and staff found a Welcome Wagon full of goodie bags for each faculty and staff member.  Tags attached to the bags read, "We love our Teachers and Staff.”

The bags contained a big red apple, a Sees sucker, a new pencil, post-it notes, and a little bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies.

 We heard through the grapevine that the “appreciation” was well received!

Please contact us, if you would like to get more involved.

Eileen and John Huarte
[email protected]
310 573-4111

Jo Ann and Bob Klein
[email protected]
310 454-8814

Pat and Ed Stanton
[email protected]
310 454-8840

Sharon and John Stephens
[email protected]
310 454-0982

Mimi and David Wood
[email protected]
310 454-1456
Nancy and Kevin Niles
310 699-0800