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Welcome to Fourth Grade Math

Hello! I am Cheryl Bartell (formerly Miss Kruer), the vice principal at Corpus Christi School. I also teach math in fourth grade. I really enjoy seeing children grow as learners. It is so much fun watching discoveries happen! I have grown up in Catholic education and feel so blessed to be a part of the Corpus family.


I graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in Graphic Design and a minor in Art History. While at LMU, I was involved in ArtSmart where I taught students art. This is where I found my passion for teaching and seeing the wonder in students eyes. I went on to get my Masters in Elementary Education and Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential from Loyola Marymount University. This is my fifth year at Corpus.


 I am so excited to have you in my math class. We will explore and have fun with math.


Our Six guiding principles for math are:


All Mathematics are based on patterns.
The language of Mathematics is spoken here.
Mathematics is the pursuit of laziness.
There are no accidents in Math.
Mathematics is filled with constants.
Mathematics teaches the power to persevere.

Chapter 6: Measurement
  • measure lengths and find perimeters using customary and metric units

  • convert among units of capacity and weight and choose the most appropriate unit to measure for customary and metric units of capacity and mass

  • measure temperature above and below zero using degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius

  • analyze and solve problems using skills and strategies

Chapter 10: Geometry
  • identify plane and solid geometric figures

  • identify congruent figures and figures with line and rotational symmetry

  • find perimeter and area

  • find the surface area and volume of a rectangular prism

  • analyze and solve problems using skills and strategies

Upcoming Tests/Quizzes
Chapter 6 Quiz- Wednesday, May 9, 2018
Mid-Trimester Test- Thursday, May 10, 2018
Chapter 10 Test- June 2018
Study Guides


Study Guide for Chapter 6: Measurement

  •     Perimeter
    •     Add up all of the sides or use the formulas
    •     Formula for rectangle and square
    •     P=2l +2w
    •     P=4s
  •     Customary Units
    •     Know conversions for linear units, capacity, and weight
  •     Metric Units
    •     Know conversions for linear units, capacity, and weight
    •     Compare units of measure
  •     Temperature
    •     Read the thermometer


To study: You can use your math notebook, flashcards, the chapter review in the book, or ixl:


  1.         2 Which customary unit is appropriate?
  2.         3 Compare and convert customary units of length
  3.         4 Compare and convert customary units of weight
  4.         5 Compare and convert customary units of volume
  5.         6 Compare and convert customary units
  6.        11 Which metric unit is appropriate?
  7.        12 Compare and convert metric units of length
  8.        13 Compare and convert metric units of weight
  9.        14 Compare and convert metric units of volume
  10.        15 Compare and convert metric units
  11.          1Perimeter