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Curriculum » Intermediate Grades 4-5

Intermediate Grades 4-5

The intermediate 4th and 5th grades are a time to build upon the core curriculum established during lower grades and to explore our students' individual talents.

During these years, our students transition from learning to read to reading to learn. The Accelerated Reader program tracks students’ individual reading comprehension gains to guide the teachers to better evaluate individual needs. Students who supersede their reading goals established by the reading specialist are honored in a year-end, school-wide ceremony.

Our Spanish curriculum prepares students for high school Spanish and beyond through listening, speaking, reading, writing and cultural exploration.

The intermediate grades' music program develops musical awareness, interests, potential and appreciation. Students think creatively and solve problems independently and in groups. They learn a basic understanding of music through ear training, musical systems and terminology while learning to utilize the basic techniques for proper vocal production, as well as gain an understanding of different music styles. All grades prepare for mass liturgies and school concerts.
Dramatic expression and development continues to build confidence and self-awareness as children mature. Dramatic expositions based on an integrated social studies unit encourage and reinforce understanding of history. Our 4th graders complete the “Walk through California” while our 5th grade students explore ”Walk around the American Revolution.”

Intermediate physical education emphasizes team sport skills and strategies. Growth in motor abilities and coordination, increased understanding of game rules and introduction to basic game strategies are explored. Activities include basketball, volleyball, running, tennis, yoga, and dance. We emphasize teamwork, good sportsmanship and safety. Fourth grade is co-ed and fifth grade is when we separate by gender. Health and our bodies are discussed in these age-appropriate groups.