Altar Service

The Corpus Christi Altar Server program  is an opportunity for our young parishioners to be an important  part of the celebration of Mass. Instruction is offered once a year  in the Spring and is open to any student in our parish community,  in the fifth grade or higher.

Participants are required to serve  15-20 Masses a year. There are also opportunities to serve weddings,  funerals, memorial Masses, and other special occasions. There are three schedules throughout  the year. The Fall and Spring schedules are created by randomly  assigning all dates. The Summer schedule is open for sign-ups so  vacation plans can be taken into consideration.

Every server is responsible for getting  a substitute if they can't serve.
If you need more information on altar serving,  please contact Tracy McGeagh.

For training, please contact Debby Masi.

For information regarding altar server scheduling, please contact Deepthi Brown.

Altar Server Scheduling

Please use the following link to log-in and sign-up for altar serving.

Altar Server Sign-Ups

The current Altar Server Schedule is listed below.